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ECOintention Practitioners | ECOintention Register

Center for ECOintention collaborates with ECOintention Practitioners and ECOintention Master Practitioners. Each project is looked at which ECOintention (Master) Practitioner is best suited for the job.



ECOintention Register        
Name Province  Contact Title Masterspecialisation 
Ad de Graaf Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Anna-Marie van Andel Utrecht +31622270584 Practitioner  
Anne Marie Backes Zuid-Holland +31657576618 Practitioner  
Anneke Adegeest Noord-Brabant +31615826408 Practitioner  
Anne-Marie Voorhoeve Utrecht Practitioner  
Annie Meursing Drenthe Practitioner  
Anton Kramer Utrecht +31650538437 Practitioner  
Betty de Keizer Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Christy Duijvelaar Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Cor Zenhorst Overijssel Practitioner  
Eduard Sartorius Utrecht Practitioner  
Erik Mandersloot Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Gerda Bokdam Flevoland Practitioner  
Hans Blokker Utrecht Practitioner  
Hans van Leeuwen Zuid-Holland Practitioner  
Harm Buchholtz Zuid-Holland Practitioner  
Harrie de Bruin Limburg Practitioner  
Helga van Stein Callenfels Drenthe Practitioner  
Inge Swen Utrecht Practitioner  
Jacqueline Boudens Flevoland Practitioner  
Jacqueline van Otterloo Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Jan Hoogland Utrecht +31633132482 Practitioner  
Jan Lamers Gelderland Practitioner  
Jolanda Mul Noord-Holland +31613692009 Practitioner  
Jolanda Poot Utrecht +31622585452 Practitioner  
Jon Marree Utrecht Practitioner  
Jorg Verhoeven Bon Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Jorien van Haagen Overijssel Practitioner  
Judith van Veen Gelderland Practitioner  
Karin van Iersel Noord-Brabant Practitioner  
Karina Hendriks Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Letta Wagenborg Zuid-Holland Practitioner  
Liliaene Raemaekers BelgiŽ Practitioner  
Linda De Wilde BelgiŽ Practitioner  
Linda Que Utrecht +31640943226 Practitioner  
Lineke Berg Utrecht Practitioner  
Livina Tummers Utrecht Practitioner  
Lydia Kooij Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Maria Pennekamp Noord-Holland +31623076991 Practitioner  
Marianne de Jager Utrecht Practitioner  
Marion de Vries Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Mark van Strijdhoven Noord-Brabant +31622494463 Practitioner  
Melinda de Hond Utrecht Practitioner  
Miriam Kuhle Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Monique Schep Utrecht Practitioner  
Nadine van Leeuwen Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Natascha van den Ban Noord-Holland Practitioner  
Nelly Kempe Noord-Holland Practitioner  
NicolŤ van Winden Zuid-Holland Practitioner  
Paul Hamers Utrecht Practitioner  
Peter Merry Gelderland Practitioner  
Pia Kramer-van der Vis Noord-Holland +31610679988 Practitioner  
Rieke Kaashoek Utrecht Practitioner  
Riny van den Burg Utrecht +31650807592 Practitioner  
Robbert Jan du Rieu Gelderland Practitioner  
Robert de Haan Utrecht +31613153513 Practitioner  
Sylvia Moes Noord-Holland +31648794403 Practitioner  
Theo Hooijer Gelderland Practitioner  
Wim Lips Noord-Brabant Practitioner  
Wino Penris Utrecht Practitioner  
Yael van Drooge Noord-Holland Practitioner  



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