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Rijk Bols | personal information


Rijk Bols | ECOintention



Rijk Bols

I was born and grew up in Kerkrade, the southern-most point of the Netherlands. I have always loved animals and nature. My favorite hobby – riding through the woods with my horse and dog – fit that very well. I really wanted to work with animals and/or people. It ended up being people and I ended up in a hospital where I worked for fifteen years as a laboratory assistant.


My interest in nature persisted and in 1990 I wanted to “experience the rainforest”. I went to Costa Rica where I met Hans Andeweg. He showed me the energetic side of nature. The energy of an ancient rainforest is overwhelming! It was a very convincing experience at the start of my journey into the energetic world.


In 1994 I started putting this into practice at the German Institute for Resonance Therapy. Irene Lutz’s vision, one of the founders of the IRT, was very inspiring. Irene became ill just after she had got me working with her. I threw myself into continuing the projects that she was working on. It was in at the deep end, as the method was not yet fully developed and I didn’t have that much experience. “Radiation hygiene” had always been a hot topic for me as a former laboratory assistant. When we translate it to this work we call it “energetic hygiene” but at that time we didn’t work with it at all. That didn’t make it very easy for me but I did learn a huge amount.


At the IRT I worked on projects in Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany etc. I experienced projects varying from 10 to 40,000 ha. I eventually came to the conclusion that I was missing the human dimension in this way of working. I also missed the “energetic hygiene”, as I said earlier, which led to me developing symptoms of burnout.


Hans and I discussed how it could be done differently and that led to the development of ECOintention. We tried to improve on the weak aspects of resonance therapy and keep the strong aspects.


We decided to develop more support for the method by giving courses. We also wanted to focus more on people and their immediate environments. Firstly of course their homes so that they are healthy places where people can relax and completely recharge. And then farms for healthy products and to give livestock as good a quality of life as possible, even if they are being kept intensively.


And last but not least organizations, where many people spend a large part of their days. It’s an advantage for both the people and the productivity if there is positive energy: work is more pleasant and relaxed, there’s less irritation, less miscommunication and therefore greater chance of better productivity.


As a Southerner I was brought up Catholic, but I discovered fairly early on that Roman Catholic belief wasn’t really my thing. Before I came across the energetic work I didn’t believe in anything at all. However during the balancing of my projects I noticed but there was always some “presence”. You could call it an angel, a being, a guide or whatever you want to call it. And whatever you do call it – God, Yahweh, Allah or Divine Energy – if you work from your heart then it will help you. ECOintention can therefore never become routine because then you miss the connection and the help. It only works with heart and soul.


Even though I balance all projects with much pleasure and conviction, my heart is still with the Earth, the big projects involving nature, because in these turbulent times with all the pollution, deforestation and stress in nature, they could really use our help. And… what would we be without nature, without Earth??? The Earth, with her oceans, land, mountains, deserts, trees, plants, animals and also people, is certainly worth looking after, loving and keeping. That’s what I do it for!


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