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Hans Andeweg | personal information


Hans Andeweg | ECOintention



Hans Andeweg

In 1989 I met Irene Lutz and Marion Hoensbroech in Türnich near Cologne. Irene wanted to develop a method for healing sick forests at a distance and at scale. For twenty-five years she had had a large practice as a natural healer in Frankfurt and knew like no other the possibilities of working with life energy. Her friend Marion “Countess” Hoensbroech provided the financing and the contacts. There was an immediate click. They were both looking for a biologist to set up and lead scientific research into the effects of the treatment. I would also learn the method, reading the energy of trees and balancing forests at a distance. The challenge appealed to me! I resigned from my job at the Louis Bolk Institute in Driebergen and left for Germany to help with the development of resonance therapy.


I met Rijk Bols in 1990. In 1994 she came to work at the Institute for Resonance Therapy that had in the meantime been established by Irene and Marion. She had soon taken over Irene’s work. This primarily involved testing the projects and carrying out the balancing at a distance. We both left the IRT in 1998. In 2001 the Institute closed.


The Institute for Resonance Therapy was a tough learning experience for both of us. I travelled all over the place to visit projects and Rijk balanced them until she literally collapsed. There were projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, England, Scotland, Czech Republic and Russia. In the beginning these projects involved “small” woods of 100 hectares, but this quickly increased to 20,000 ha in the UNESCO biosphere reserve Krivoklat in the Czech Republic, with the grand finale being 40,000 ha in the Niznesvirsky Reserve north of St. Petersburg. Michael Gorbatsjov was the client for the latter project. There were positive results nearly everywhere: personal reports of people generally doing better, but also volumes of hard, significant scientific proof of increased vitality.


Rijk and I both knew very well what could be achieved with balancing at a distance. Alongside the huge possibilities, we also knew very well how it shouldn’t be done. What we realized pretty soon was that the method worked fantastically, but at the cost of our own health. We also saw that the people on location were happy with the results but that at the end of the process no-one knew how to keep the energy aligned. There was no engagement and no personal responsibility.


I describe my learning and experiences with resonance therapy in the book “In Resonance with Nature”. It came out in 1999. The idea was to show people how you could positively energize your own work and living environments with a so-called energetic toolkit. This is where ECOintention came from. ECOintention is just as powerful as resonance therapy was - more powerful in fact, as the phase of “trial and error” is behind us. We now know exactly what we are doing and fortunately it doesn’t damage our health any more.


Working with energy at this level is no child’s play. It is wonderful but it demands significant inner development. That is why we always tell our trainees to “do more with less” and to balance with “consciousness, commitment and care”. Intuitive development is compulsory. It is simply the time for these great possibilities in people’s consciousness to emerge and for large numbers of people to be able to learn to heal at a large scale. The Earth desperately needs it. Our working and living environments could really do with it. And there is the fact that the Andeweg family is composed largely of educators and teachers – teaching is in my genes and I just really enjoy it!


Irene Lutz had very high ambitions. She was ultimately looking to heal the “organism Europe”. We also worked at that level. At that time an energetic analysis of Europe was carried out and based on that we started working on energetically important sites. The idea appealed to a lot of politicians. Including Gorbatsjov. This lead to the project in Russia.


If we learned anything it was that you can only realize your high ideals if you have both feet firmly on the ground. The trick is to “ground, ground, ground”. This is the reason that we started organizing workshops and courses, one step at a time, following the publication of In Resonance with Nature. After the first year, a second year followed, and gradually the four year ECOintention Practitioner vocational training emerged. We started small in 2000 balancing houses and small organizations. Once that was working well and we knew that we were ready for bigger work, we received requests to balance large areas of land in Scotland, England and Costa Rica.


Center for ECOintention has developed with the idea that if the tree is well grounded, branches and blossoms will come by themselves. There is now a vocational training that has already produced more than 100 ECOintention practitioners. They can all do something in this field: run a course, balance and coach a project. It is therefore possible to take on a lot of work and delegate it.


It is possible to heal both nature and culture at large scale. Anyone can do it. I described the principles in my most recent book The Universe Loves a Happy Ending. All you really need is attention and intention. We all have the potential to be great healers. There are many ways to heal. ECOintention is just one of them. It is quite probably the only method in the world that works at such a large scale with such a high level of impact. Which makes it all the more important to further develop the work with consciousness, commitment and care.


We live in a special time. There have never been so many people on this planet. Our living and working environments have never been under so much stress. The Earth is warming up very rapidly. Many of the natural regulating systems are imbalanced. On the other hand the possibilities for personal development and transformation have never been so great. If everyone let their inner light shine, then we would have an “enlightened” Earth. We hope to be able to make a small contribution with ECOintention.


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