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The power of intention

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Resonant leadership


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Resonant leadership

Life energy creates the conditions. Your goals and intentions give it direction.


ECOintention coaching is based on resonant leadership. You learn to work with attention and intention. That is how you bring good energy into the organization and realize your goals. To be able to apply this effectively in any organizational ecosystem, Center for ECOintention has developed the principles for energetic guardianship. These are an application based on resonance.



You are in resonance with something or someone if together you are on the same wavelength. There’s a click, a flow. It’s great to work together in that way because you feel that you are complementing and strengthening each other. Then one plus one makes three. It is not just a figure of speech to say you are on the same wavelength – you actually are. Everything is energy, including material, and energy vibrates. Each octave corresponds to a phase on a spectrum of density from the most subtle energy to matter. You could call matter “solidified vibration”. Light is actually extremely diluted sound.





Every organism, every organization, every enterprise and ecosystem have a unique vibration. This vibration can be strengthened through resonance by coming into contact with another force that has a similar vibration. If you take two identical tuning forks and you strike one of them and then dampen it you will still hear the tone because the tuning fork that wasn’t struck is vibrating in resonance.


Using resonance you can create a big impact with relatively little force. This has to do with timing. You can get a swing to go really high by repeatedly giving it a small push just at the right moment. A gentle wind can make a big suspension bridge “swing” by blowing up against it with a specific regularity. Disappointing results, stagnation, stress and low levels of vitality come about if an organization is not connected to its own unique vibration. Using the principles for energetic guardianship you can strengthen its unique vibration in a simple manner.





You start by tuning into the field of your organization, which we call the Organization-field. In Bert Hellinger’s family constellations Family Fields are used. There are also organizational constellations. These provide insights into how well an organization is functioning. The Organization-field is a kind of memory or script in which everything that happened in the past is recorded. It contains scenarios for solving problems as well as for future plans. By connecting to the Organization-field from your inner stillness you can align the organization energetically and strengthen its unique vibration.





How do you do it? You tune into the Organization-field by imagining the organization. You literally bring it into your mind’s eye. The more your image matches reality the stronger the resonance will be and the better the connection you will have with the field. When you then go on to connect to this image from your heart, you are sending positive attention or life energy to the whole. You strengthen its unique vibration and you align the organization well energetically. After that you direct your intention to the goals that you want to realize. That is how you influence the direction the organization develops. Resonant leadership is a combination of attention and intention.





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