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The power of intention

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Using the principles for energetic guardianship you are able to work with attention and intention more effectively and consciously.



1 - Inner peace

You can only work with energy if you are relaxed inside


When you achieve inner stillness your brainwaves slowdown. You enter into a relaxed state of awareness. Your rational mind runs quietly in the background while your intuition is activated. This is necessary for you to be able to connect to the Organization-field. Inner peace can be achieved in many ways; sit down for a moment, breathing exercises, praying, meditation etc. Everyone can do this in their own way. The time it takes to create inner peace is more than earned back by the free time you get in return. Good energy in the organization increases coherence and synchronicity. The inner world and outer world merge together. You donít need to spend your time chasing things up or dealing with emergencies. Thatís why you end up gaining time.





2 - Consciousness of the whole

You can only charge something energetically if you know its boundaries


Consciousness of the whole starts with defining the boundaries. These boundaries could for example be the exterior walls of your house, the fence around a field, the edge of a woodland, the borders of an organizationís property with the buildings on it. In your mindís eye you scan those boundaries or you use a map and connect with it. When you define your organization or ecosystem in this way you connect to it through resonance. In this way itís not only possible to give energy but you also receive information about the condition of the organization as a whole and the parts that it is composed of. You can check this intuitive information by listening to your gut-feeling. Does it give you a good or a bad feeling?





3 - Feeling for what is going on

By giving this bounded system positive attention you recharge everything that is in it with life energy


Having a feeling for whatís going on is equivalent to giving something attention. In practice it means being present, showing your face regularly in the workplace and asking ďhowís it going?Ē. The feeling of being heard affirms people and in many cases is by itself enough to solve certain problems. Attention is life energy. By giving something attention you are charging it energetically. It doesnít matter what size it is. Anything that you can embrace with your heart and hold in your awareness can be energetically recharged.





4 - Subject matter expertise

Before you can direct energy you need realistic goals


Intellect and intuition, reason and feeling, complement each other. You canít have one without the other. A vague feeling for what is going on can sometimes be understood and explained using your reason. Our expertise anchors our consciousness in matter and a sober understanding makes sure that we set realistic goals. Our reason works out the plan and tells us if the goal is achievable. You can see how working successfully with life energy is intrinsically connected to expertise and specialist knowledge.





5 - Affirming and visualizing goals

You direct your intention to these goals and imagine that they have been realized


The future can be influenced. What happens to you is to a large extent in your own hands. You can have good or bad luck. How do you create good luck? With your attention you energetically charged the whole. With your intention you set the direction. You direct your intention to a goal that you want to reach. You affirm this goal. By affirming it, you strengthen it and anchor it.


So with an affirmation you strengthen something that you would like to have or achieve. If you have your goal clearly in your mindís eye and you go on to affirm it, it is like throwing a rope into the future with an anchor attached to it. Every time you repeat the affirmation the rope gets stronger and the anchor becomes more fixed. Once the anchor is well and truly fixed, the left turning formative force (attention + intention) can reel in the rope. Thatís how things happen to you that you envisioned in the future, creating your own good luck and realizing your goals.





6 - Process past pain

What from your past is holding you back and standing in the way of you fulfilling your dream?


It turns out that what you affirm for the future resonates with events from your or your organizationís past that havenít yet been processed. Often youíll encounter these first as problems before your dream becomes reality. ECOintention coaching helps you to become aware of and transform these old blockages. You can leave your bad luck behind and move on to the good luck.





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