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ECOtherapy grew out of resonance therapy, which itself emerged from radionics, that was developed in the 1920s at Stanford University in California. All three methods use treatments (or “balancing“) at a distance through a map or photograph.


The different methods have become increasingly less technical. In radionics only radionic equipment was used. In resonance therapy symbols and fractals (mathematical images and formulae) were added. An ECOtherapist doesn’t use radionic equipment, but has a self-assembled energetic toolkit with colors, crystals, homeopathic treatments, Back flower remedies, symbols and an orgone beamer.


What is also important in ECOtherapy is that the owner, manager or guardian oft he project is intensely involved in the balancing process. That is neither the case in radionics nor in resonance therapy.


The text below is taken from the brochure “Resonance Therapy in Eight Steps“. It is a short history of radionics and an overview of the projects, results and methodology of the German Institute for Resonance Therapy. Hans Andeweg wrote the brochure in 1995.


The natural healers Irene Lutz and Dr Marion Grafin Hoensbroech were the founders oft he resonance therapy and the Institute for Resonance Therapy. Hans Andeweg got to know them in 1989. In 1990 he went to work for the institute. Rijk Bols began her work at the IRT in 1994. They both left the IRT in 1998 and 1999. The Institute for Resonance Therapy ended its activities in 2001.


With their knowledge of resonance therapy and the book “In Resonance with Nature“ Rijk Bols and Hans Andeweg laid the Principles for ECOtherapy. The first courses and projects were given in 1999. The Center for ECOtherapy was founded in 2000.



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