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Everything is energy | People can strengthen and direct this energy with their attention and intention, this is the foundation of ECOintention | ECOintention improves the vitality and health of organizations and ecosystems at both small and large scale | The Center for ECOintention (previously known as Centrum voor ECOtherapie) was established by Hans Andeweg and Rijk Bols.



A balanced organization - good energy around

With ECOintention you can improve the energy of your organization or ecosystem. Following a clear pathway, the client is given stepping stones to revitalize their organization or ecosystem. It is a holistic way of working that includes and engages the client. By bringing energy back into the organization and directing it with intention, well-being and communication are improved, and productivity is increased.

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ECOintention originates from work in agriculture and forestry. The method leads to improved productivity and healthy ecosystems. What works and ecological systems also turned out to work to economic systems. The Center for ECOintention has many years of experience applying this approach to a diversity of projects. ECOintention is a profession that you can learn during the four-year vocational training to become an ECOintention Practitioner.

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Mind Moves Matter

ECOintention connects modern science and ancient wisdom in practical application. The starting point is Mind Moves Matter.


Underlying Theory


Principle Source
Everything is (life)energy Einstein, quantum mechanics theory
You can feel energy All of us
An organization also exists at an energetic level Family and Organizational Constellations
You can direct energy with intention Books ‘The Field’ and ‘The Intention Experiment’ by Lynn McTaggart


Life energy

All the ancient cultures had a term for life energy: e.g. Ch’i, prana, mana. Science talks about Zero Point Energy. This energy is present everywhere. Life energy is vitalized by attention and directed by intention. This is how healthy energy is strengthened in organizations.


Everything is possible

For 99,999999999999% an atom is made out of space filled with (life) energy. The remaining 0,000000000001% of matter appears not to be made up of particles but of energy. Concrete reality exists due to our concrete convictions. It looks like everything is fixed the way it is but in reality matter is soft and plastic. We live in a sea of energy with an unlimited amount of possibilities.




The power of ECOintention

ECOintention is unique. There is no other method that both coaches the client and at the same time brings healthy energy and flow back into the whole organization. Awareness raising and change processes happen faster and last longer. An organization’s impact and profit increases.


ECOintention achieves the following results: increased health, vitality and work, higher turnover, greater profit, better product quality and improved collaboration and culture.

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ECOintention works!

- Improved organization, communication, productivity and finance

- Improved realization of your goals combined with greater relaxation

- Improved resilience across your organization

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What can ECOintention do for you?

- Courses & Trainings

- Small- and medium-sized enterprises

- Educational institutes

- Cultural - and recreational institutes

- Land - and estate management

- Agricultural companies

- Livestock

- Forestry and horticulture

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