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ECOintention IV

4th year ECOintention Practitioner Balancing complex organizations


This year, you also learn how to balance events, like a festival or a conference. After this year you are able to identify blockages in your projects more accurately and balance the contact or heart level of your projects. You organize and run practice days where you test what you have learned and pass it onto others.


You balance two projects, one on your own and the other with a fellow trainee. You are just as intensely mentored as in previous years. You improve your skills as a coach and learn to balance in the past and future. You give meditations yourself and work with tarot, core quadrants and organizational constellations to better be able to interpret and support the processes in your project.


At the end of the fourth year you get your final diploma as an ECOintention Practitioner. You are now qualified to practice this profession. Practitioners agree to keep to the ECOintention professional code. The ECOintention training is registered by the CRKBO (Central Register for Short Professional Education) and meets the quality code for short vocational education.




Number of days: 16 in the year, balancing 2 projects, collaborating with a fellow trainee, project visits and facilitating 2 practice days > Calendar

Certificate: ECOintention Practitioner

Study hours: 40 hours per month

Costs: 2.699,-

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Experiences of 4th year trainees

I experienced this course as extremely valuable and educational, in the lessons and the mentoring. The course is well and carefully put together. Every study day is always inspiring and uplifting.


I learned to apply energetics and now have a functional framework that I can use. But nearly as important is how much I have enjoyed it, been challenged and yet always felt safe.


The practice days were special and it gave me a good feeling that we can develop something as a group to be able to communicate our theory and practice to the participants in a fun and playful way.


I look back at the last four years with much pleasure and gratitude. They have been years of great leaps forwards in my own personal development.


If I look at myself and the way I have developed over the last years I see primarily more inner peace, trust and (self-)love.


I feel much gratitude to Hans and Rijk. With ECOintention they have given me a wonderful possibility to develop myself in a meaningful way and at the same time to be able to be of service to mother Earth and her many inhabitants.


I dont know what the future will bring but at this moment Im very happy and proud that I am part of the ECOintention field.


I see the whole ECOintention training not as an educational pathway but as an initiation pathway.







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