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ECOintention III

3rd year ECOintention Advanced II – Balancing other people’s projects


During the second year you learned to balance a project with you as the Guardian. In the third year you go a step further and balance projects with other people as the Guardian. You learn to coach someone using the principles of resonant leadership. You balance at a higher energetic level and learn to harmonise heavy negative stress.


You balance two projects, one on your own and the other with a fellow trainee. Learn how 1+1 makes three. Together you can take on bigger projects. You are mentored in the same way that you were in the second year. You continue to work on your personal development and learn to manage energy using mudras (specific finger positions). Guest teachers introduce conversation and coaching techniques. Other subjects that are covered include working with energetic guides, numerology and the healing energy of crop circles.


Number of days: 12 in the year, balancing 2 projects, collaborating with a fellow trainee and project visits > Calendar

Certificate: ECOintention Advanced II

Study hours: 32 hours per month

Costs: € 2.499,-

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Experiences of 3rd year trainees

“It was particularly interesting to balance and coach a project without being the Guardian. An exercise in letting go.”


“It’s very educational to work on a project together. It gives me more self-confidence.”


“The advantage of working together is that you can make use of the other person’s talents.”


“I experienced this course as insight into a certain vision and way of living in which I got to know myself better in terms of how I work with energy and deal with my feelings around others.”


“It’s been another fantastic and special year! Covered an incredible amount of experience and learnt lots.”







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