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ECOintention II

2nd year ECOintention Advanced I – Balancing your own house, garden, organization


The focus is on deepening and applying what you learned in the first year. You become more familiar with how energy works. With that knowledge you create your own energetic toolkit, which you then apply to your project.


You are personally mentored while you are balancing your project. You email your recently tested energetic values and balancing to your personal mentor. You get direct feedback which accelerates the learning process.


Standing firmly with both feet on the ground is a condition for working with strong energies. That is why we pay particular attention to your personal development and inner blockages. During guided meditations you learn to transform pain from the past. Other subjects that we cover include the meaning of the Golden proportion, the power of affirmations, energizing your tap water and harmonizing the radiation of water channels, data masts, Wi-Fi and mobile telephones.


Number of days: 11 per year and balancing your own project > Calendar

Certificate: ECOintention Advanced I

Study hours: 22 hours per month

Costs: € 2.099,-

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Experiences of 2nd year trainees

“I always look forward to the study days and come away very satisfied.”


“I really enjoyed carrying out the balancing, more than I had expected.”


“I learned how to achieve a very significant result with limited means.”


“I experienced the second year of ECOintention and carrying out the balancing as an exciting journey of discovery and experience. Just like visiting a new country, every lesson provided new insights and perspectives.”


“Another wonderful experience!”!’







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