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Flyer ECOintention Basics (Dutch) (Pdf)




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ECOintention I

1st year ECOintention Basics – Introductory course in energetic guardianship


Learn to perceive, interpret and enhance life energy. Would you like to live, work and relax in an environment that gives you energy? And at the same time contribute to a healthy Earth? That’s possible! Everyone has the ability to restore energetic balance in the world. In this course you learn how to do that on a small and large scale. The principles of energetic guardianship lay the foundation.


Everything starts with you. You can heal others to the extent that you’ve been healed yourself. In this course you learn to ground yourself properly, to discover and protect your sensitivity, and to bring your energy back into balance.


After that you go on to perceive energy. Everything is energy. Energy radiates. The radiance of a tree trunk is an indicator of its health and vitality. The radiance of the house influences the mood and health of the inhabitants. Energetic blockages in an organization lead to misunderstandings. Everyone can learn to perceive radiance and life energy. It doesn’t require any particular gift.


After learning to perceive energy, you go on to interpret it using different energetic parameters. Then on to enhancing. You can clean and charge something with positive attention, homoeopathy, Reiki, music, mandalas, symbols, colors, crystals etc. You learn about the theoretical background and the practical application of the energetic toolkit. After that you can start using it yourself.


Two ECOintention Foundation courses (9 days) will start in 2021. Teachers are Hans Andeweg, Marion de Vries and Natascha van den Ban. Prior knowledge is not required. See the folder for program, data and location.


Number of days: 9 > Calendar

Certificate: ECOintention Basics

Study hours: 8 hours per month

Costs: € 999,- until 20-12-2020. €1.099,- until 21-02-2020 and then € 1.199, -

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Experiences of 1st year trainees

“The lessons were great! The variety, the richness of the topics (always a new dimension) and at the same time building up our ability to perceive energy one step at a time.”


“For me, ECOintention is about making visible much of what is invisible to most people. ECOintention gives you greater awareness of what is.”


“Challenging, transcending and touching the heart of life.” “In one word: enriching.”





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