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Refresher courses

You complete the training with an ECOintention Practitioner diploma. You are then listed in the ECOintention register. This diploma and registration are valid for two years. Through a refresher program you can maintain your practice and stay a Practitioner. If you collect six ECO-study points every two years then you extend your ECOintention Practitioner registration. You are permitted to announce this through your network and websites. You are also able to have your name and contact details printed on an ECOintention flyer. You can use this for your own marketing.


As well as the refresher program, you can also practice the profession. Then you have the title ECOintention Master Practitioner. What you do additionally is balance and/or coach projects and/or deliver trainings. There are administration costs for registering your ECOintention Practioner and ECOintention Master Practitioner diplomas.


Costs for registration and certification: ECOintention Practioner (€ 100,- exclusive of taxes) and ECOintention Master Practitioner (€ 150,- exclusive of taxes).



ECOintention study points

You remain an ECOintention Practioner if you earn six ECO-study points every two years. To achieve this you need to follow at least one internal and one external ECOintention activity. Annual assessments of ECO-study points take place on 1 November.


Internal ECOintention activities are organized by Center for ECOintention, such as a refresher or practice day. There are two refresher and five practice days per year. Every day counts for two study points. You are of course welcome to attend several days.


External ECOintention activities are things that you find important to keep up your practice: courses, workshops, lectures, films and books. You justify your choice shortly and present this to two ECOintention Practitioners of your choice. The study points are based on the intensity of the activity. For example one point for a lecture or film and two points for a book or day-long workshop. There is a maximum of two points per activity. The activities are announced on the ECOintention network site so that others also know about them and can be inspired by them.


You earn ECO-study points once you have completed the activity and posted a short report of it on the network site. You describe shortly the contents of the activity, what you thought of it and what you learned from it. In this way we also share our experiences in the network, helping to keep it alive and inspiring.





ECOintention Master Practitioner

Your Practitioner qualification is valid for two years, the Master Practitioner qualification too. As a Master Practitioner you show that you’re not only keeping up-to-date with ECOintention but are also practicing it. There are three main areas of application: balancing, coaching and training.


The qualification for balancing is based on two completed balanced projects that you worked on alone or with an ECOintention partner. You write a report on each project. Subjects include the client, a project description, the start scan, holons, graphics, an overview of the balancing, your balancing forms and your interaction with the ECOcoach of the project.


The qualification for coaching is based on two completed balanced ECOintention projects that you coached. You write a report of these. Subjects include the client, a project description, meeting dates, coaching session reports and affirmations, control points and their energetic values and your interaction with the person balancing the project.


The qualification for training is based on the delivery of at least four workshop and/or course days that focus on perceiving, interpreting and enhancing life energy or mentoring trainees in the context of the ECOintention vocational training. The subject of the workshops and/or course days are related to ECOintention. You provide a plan, participant list and report for each day.


You present your projects and training activities to the ECOintention Master Commission. This consists of two ECOintention Master Practitioners of your choice and one person from the Center for ECOintention. If you achieve your Master Practitioner qualification you can announce this on websites and the ECOintention flyer.





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